Rakuten infoseek



1 〔味覚〕taste; 〔食物の味〕(a) taste; 〔風味〕(a) flavor,((英)) (a) flavour
  • 味をつける
    〔調味する〕season ((fish with salt))/〔香味をそえる〕flavor ((cookies with vanilla))
  • 味を見る
  • 味をよく[悪く]する
    improve [spoil] the taste ((of))
  • あの子はビールの味を覚えてしまった
    The child has acquired a taste for beer.
  • 味のないスープ
    tasteless [flat/insipid] soup
  • 味のいいビフテキ
    a tasty [delicious] steak
  • 味が落ちる
    not taste as good before/lose its flavor
  • 酸っぱい[苦い]味がする
    This tastes sour [bitter].
  • にんにくの味がする
    This has the flavor of garlic./I (can) taste garlic in it.
  • 変わった味がする
    This has a strange taste./I'm not familiar with this taste [flavor].
  • 味が薄い
    It needs more seasoning./This tastes flat [bland].
  • どんな味がしますか
    What does it taste like?
2 〔味がいいこと〕
  • あのレストランは味で売っている
    That restaurant is doing well because it serves good food.
1 〔経験して分かる感じ〕
  • 味を知る
    〔経験する〕experience/((文)) taste/〔学ぶ〕learn
  • 異性の味を知る
    experience sex
  • 彼らは自由の味を知らなかった
    They had no experience of liberty./They had not tasted liberty before.
  • 彼に苦労の味を教えてやろう
    I'll teach him what hardship 「is like [means].
  • ぜいたくな生活の味が忘れられなかった
    He could not forget the luxury [comforts] he had been used to.
  • 文学の味など彼には分からん
    He can't appreciate literature at all.
  • 詩の味を覚えた
    He has acquired a taste for poetry.
  • 危険も登山の味のうちだ
    Danger is part of the thrill of mountaineering.
2 〔妙味,面白み〕
  • 味のある言い回し
    an apt expression/a nice turn of phrase
  • 味のある装飾
    tasteful decoration
  • 味のある人柄
    a fascinating personality
  • 味のある着こなしをしている
    She is dressed attractively.
  • 長く付き合わないと味の分からない人だ
    You have to know him for a while before you can appreciate him.
  • まだ自分の味が出ていない
    He has not developed his own style yet.
  • 味もそっけもない
  • 彼の講義は味もそっけもない
    His lectures are very dull [boring].
  • 彼女の物の言い方は味もそっけもない
    Her way of speaking is 「flat and tasteless [so prosaic].
  • 味を占める
    develop a taste ((for))
  • 一度賭事かけごとで味を占めるとなかなかやめられない
    Once one tastes success at gambling, it's hard to quit.
  • 最初にうまくいったことに味を占めて彼は株を買い続けた
    When his first venture into the stock market went well, he got hooked and went on buying.

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