Rakuten infoseek



1 〔意味を強めて〕
  • 今や情報化時代だ
    This is (truly) the age of information.
2 〔俳句などで主題を表す語に付いて〕
  • 松島や…
    Oh, Matsushima....
3 〔疑い〕
  • 三つになるやならずやで両親を亡くした
    I lost my parents when I was barely three.
4 〔反語〕
  • やれ助かったと思いきや
    Just when I thought I was safe!
1 〔呼び掛け〕
  • 道子や,ここにおいで〔子供に対して〕
    Michiko dear, come here!
2 〔命令,誘い〕
  • もうけんかはやめようや
    Let's stop quarreling [fighting].
3 〔軽く言い放す〕
  • そんなこと知らないや
    Look, I don't know anything about it.
  • この小説はつまらないや
    This novel is really boring.
  • まあそれでいいや
    Oh, that'll do.
  • 目覚ましが鳴るやとび起きた
    As soon as [The instant] the alarm clock went off, he leaped out of bed.
  • 一つ論文を書き終えるや,またすぐ次のに取り掛かった
    Immediately [Right] after he finished writing one article, he began to work on another.
((格助詞))〔並列〕and; or
  • 庭のチューリップには赤いのや黄色いのがあった
    Among the tulips in the garden there were red ones and yellow ones.
  • 母に何やかやと心配をかけます
    I cause my mother a lot of trouble with one thing or another.
  • や,しまった
    Oh, no. Now I've done it!/Oh, damn it!
  • や,あの人とうとうやって来たよ
    Ah! Here he comes at last!

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